What You'll Get From Me:

  • SD-HD to 4K-8K Workflow working knowledge for Sony F5, F55, F65, FS7, 5D Mrkii, Mrkiii RAW, RED One, Epic, Scarlet (MX, Dragon and Weapon), Arri Mini, Classic, XT, Plus 4:3, Studio, Arri 65, SXT, Panasonic Vari Cam, + Much more. Codex Vault Trained (Arri RAW).

  • On Set Digi Lab. Encoding to post specs and iDailies on iPads graded to the Cinematographer's vision.
    (Using Mission Digitals Finest Equipment.)

  • From On Set Colouring to create and design LUTs.

  • Make everything smooth for Post Production to Conform for DI, VFX and Grade.

  • Putting everything in place so you don't have to worry about a thing.
    Its sorted and in my hands. :)

My Agents Details:

+44 (0)20 8964 4965



Getting You Up And Running

The first that of any job is to understand what camera your shooting, what workflows are needed, and what your Post Production Needs.

  • Specified To Your Needs

    Talking to me at Pre-Production stages I an impliment a smooth transition from Production to Post-Production.

  • Saving You Money

    Getting me on board early could save you money in the long run. I can implement processes in Production and Post Production before you start shooting so everyone is on the same page.

No Dramas

Renting/ Buying in the right Kit, Hard Drives or Raid Systems can be tricky, especially as this is the main issue for most productions.
Give Mission Digital a call on +44 (0)20 8964 4965.

  • Workflows and Post

    From on set workflows and live grading to getting  proxies edit ready and digital dailies ready by the next morning.

  • Buying

    Getting the right storage is key to keeping your production safe and keep you running. Call Mission Digital to go through what your requirments are.


About Your DIT (CV)

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Every production is different.
Lets talk about what I can offer you for a full DIT package.

Meta Data

Its important to get right for your conform and get the workflow thhat best suites your production.

Communiaction and Support

I believe that the quicker and more effective that you comminicate your requirments I can help and support your production in a quick and professional way.

Trusted by Thousands

Just Some Of My Clients.

  • ITV
  • BBC
  • Just So London
  • Richwater Films
  • Mustard Berlin
  • E4
  • Working Title
  • IOTA Films
  • Stink Films
  • BFI Films
  • Tangerine Films London
  • Kate Morros

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