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  • SD, HD to 4K-8K
    Workflows for Sony F5, F55, F65, FS7, RED One, Epic (MX and Dragon), Scarlet(MX and Dragon), Arri Mini, Classic, XT, Plus 4:3, Studio, Panasonic Vari Cam, + Much more.

  • From On Set to Off Set Digi Labs. Encoding to your post specs. Communicating to all departmens.

  • Make everything smooth for Post Production to Conform for DI, VFX and Grade.


Getting You Up And Running

The first that of any job is to understand what camera your shooting, what workflows are needed, and what your Post Production Needs.

  • Specified To Your Needs

    Talking to me at Pre-Production stages I an impliment a smooth transition from Production to Post-Production.

  • Saving You Money

    Getting me on board early could save you money in the long run. I can implement processes in Production and Post Production before you start shooting so everyone is on the same page.

No Dramas

Renting/ Buying in the right Kit, Hard Drives or Raid Systems can be tricky, especially as this is the main

  • Workflows and Post

    From on set workflows and live grading to getting  proxies edit ready and digital dailies ready by the next morning.

  • Buying

    Getting the right storage is key to keeping your production safe. Call me to go through what your requirments are.


DIT Specs

What I can offer


Having a working knowledge and understanding of the camera department to help

The Map Of Your Prodcution

Before I start I like to make sure everything is in place, making sure that ever single avenue is covered.
Doing this will make sure that I'm on the same page with the DOP/ Cinematographer and your Post production.

Going The Extra Mile

Even though every production is different the processes are the same, but I love giving extra to get the job done and add more to what other DITs might not give.


Every production is different.
Lets talk about what I can offer you for a full DIT package.

Meta Data

Its important, and most DITs forget or miss it which in the long run when you conform won't be as fluid as you wanted.

Communiaction and Support

I believe that the quicker and more effective that you comminicate your requirments I can help and support your production in a quick and professional way.

Trusted by Thousands

Some of my Clients.

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Get the Best Solution for Your Production

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